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What is one of the most important things you can do to ensure success? It is also one of the most overlooked areas of our lives: mindset. 

Today’s episode features Kimberly Milousis. Kimberly has a great story and a lot of great advice to share the importance of having the right mindset in our lives. 

A Huge Transition

Kimberly had over 20 years of experience as a CPA working as a senior corporate tax manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Despite having a beautiful office, working with a great staff and earning a six-figure income, she knew something was missing. 

Kimberly and her husband decided to try something different. She left her job not even exactly knowing what her next steps were. She just knew she wanted to do something more. 

Pivoting During Times Of Change

Kimberly found herself pregnant shortly after leaving her job. She decided with her husband that it was a good time to sell their home in Toronto and moved into the country. They decided to flip houses and did that for a while during that time of change. 

While flipping houses, Kimberly had purchased some essential oils to make one of the houses smell better. Kimberly had always maintained an interest in natural health products. As she learned more about the products, she became excited about them. She found a business opportunity when she was not looking for one. 

There's also a mental aspect that Kimberly discovered as she started building her new business: that in order to move forward, you must adjust your mindset.

Moving Past Limiting Beliefs 

In building her business, Kimberly had to let go of her limiting beliefs. Some of these included having her identity attached to her past career as a CPA for over 20 years. It took her a long time to realize that she had gifts to share with the world that were not attached to her job. 

In addition, Kimberly had to get over her fear of rejection. She says,”I just wanted to be liked, I just wanted to be accepted, so the terror of putting myself out there with the possibility that someone could say no, to me was just overwhelming.”

You’re Always Selling Something

The act of selling something is very powerful. There are times when we sell our kids on the idea that going to bed is a good idea. And we’re always selling people on something whether we're making a movie recommendation or recommending a restaurant. Kimberly views sales as an act of service. She is more passionate about helping people than making money.  

A Common Setback And The Solution

We often compare ourselves to other people and what we used to do. But the reality is we are often not making fair comparisons. You might be comparing someone else’s ending with your beginning. You can't compare people that way. Comparison truly kills joy. And it also steals motivation. 

Kimberly feels more abundant in all areas of her life now: her physical health, her emotional health, her relational health, her spiritual health and her financial health. No one piece is more important than the other; they are all important. And it is because they are all pieces of a beautiful tapestry that gets woven together to create abundance in your life. 

An abundance mindset can completely change how you view everything. I would like to challenge you to spend some time asking yourself what kind of mindset you have. And then taking the next steps to improve your mindset. 

A Special Offer For Success Road Listeners

You can learn more about Kimberly’s course here. If you use the discount code “success” you’ll receive 20% off the regular price. 

Special thanks to Kimberly for being on the podcast. 

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Do you enjoy taking personality tests? I do. I love the helpful insights they provide. 

On today’s podcast, we have coach and speaker Kelly Knowles sharing how to understand the Color Code personality test. 

The Color Code was developed by a psychiatrist named Taylor Hartman. Hartman created the Color Code as a way to help his patients get better, faster. One key differentiator with this test is that it delves down into what is your driving core motive. And this driving core motive is something that you were born with, this is your natural state. It is what drives you in your most authentic self. 


A Summary Of The Color Code

There are four colors: red, white, blue, and yellow. For reds, their driving core motive is power or doing things. For whites, the driving core motive is peace. They're all about maintaining a steady state, because they want to stay in a state of peace. 

For individuals who are yellow, their driving core motive is fun. They are optimistic, energetic, and they have a really fun spirit. For blues their driving core motive is intimacy or connection. They are the people that feel they are all about quality and value. 

When you start to learn these things about yourself, then you start to be able to pick out and play with this in terms of your relationships with other people. 


Digging Deeper Into The Color Code

It is important not to use The Color Code, or any other personality test, to make assumptions; rather, it is a tool to open up communication. While you might have one predominant core driver, you likely have a secondary driver too. 

As human beings, we are complex: it is essential to not use The Color Code as a way to generalize others or ourselves. 


Why Habits Are So Important

I really believe our habits make or break achieving our goals. If you wake up in the morning with the best of intentions and you say, today I'm going to do something in about five seconds, I'm going to offer that Murphy's Law is going to kick in and something is going to jump that off base. 

However, if you have some habits built in, if you even have some routine built in, those are actually Something that will give you freedom. And you're going to find that you're going to be able to achieve your goals and make those strategic steps that you need. Even better. 

When habits are used to create freedom, you will see great traction. Instead of habits being about limitations, they are tools that you use to build a better life. 


An Important Change

We grew up believing we should minimize our weaknesses, but I believe this isn’t true. First, we should not call them weaknesses. Otherwise we view them as problems. Rather, you can view them as limitations. And it is ideal to maximize your strengths and neutralize your limitations.

There are many tools and services available that we can use to neutralize our limitations. If you are someone who is disorganized, there's technology out there. There are personal assistants out there professional organizers that can help you with that limitation. to neutralize it, so you can go and be your best self. 


A Final Word

I encourage you to try taking the Color Code personality test. You can take it free right here. I found it really useful as a way to promote  self-awareness. 

If you enjoy taking the Color Code, Kelly offers a coaching program called Next as well as other coaching programs to help you grow and pursue your dreams. Don’t settle. Keep being intentional so you can keep moving forward every single day. 

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Feeling stressed? Know you’re not alone. We all inevitably have stress in our lives, and we need to manage stress in healthy ways while also staying productive. On today’s podcast, Daria Tsvenger joins us. Daria is a mindset coach and has also studied cognitive neuroscience at Stanford University. Daria has a unique program called The Dream Sprint, a personal growth challenge that people gain clarity and pursue their dreams.


The Problem With Stress

Stress is a state in our bodies. It's a primal response that occurs in our brain whenever we face some kind of change. If the changes are sudden, our stress levels rise higher. Our brain wants things to stay the same; stress is the brain’s response to change. Thankfully there is a healthy way to handle stress. 

How To Handle Stress

Resilience is the best way to handle stress. And resilience is like a muscle in your body. When you train a muscle, you do the same activity over and over. So the next time you do the same activity, it is easier for you to do because your muscles are trained. The same concept applies to your mind. The more we process change, the more we develop resilience. 

Moving Past Mental Blocks

We all face mental blocks, things that stop us from doing the things we want to accomplish.

And it might not even be the same challenge that stops us. Daria recommends the “big perspective exercise” where you take into account how long your life actually is. 


On average, a human being’s life expectancy is around 80 years, which comes to about 4,000 weeks. Once you are able to realize how many weeks you’ve already been alive, and approximately how many more weeks you have to live, you’ll likely start to see that your time is limited. You know you don’t want to waste your time. This creates urgency and allows you to move past any challenges so you can take action. 

Becoming More Confident

Many people struggle with confidence. But what is confidence really? It is when you're able to keep the promises that you gave to yourself. Every time you break a promise to yourself, you become less confident. So the best thing we can do to move forward is to set micro goals. Micro goals add up and enable us to keep our promises to ourselves. 

Next Steps

Wherever you are today, I want to challenge you to take the next small step that will lead you to where you want to go. Daria’s Dream Sprint program could be a great way to get some support and accountability as you move forward. We all need support and encouragement. Once you have those, you also have hope. And hope is a very powerful thing. That’s why I make this podcast. So I want to encourage you to keep taking intentional small steps as you are on your journey. 


Best of luck as you pursue and achieve your goals. Feel free to contact me, Joshua Rivers, if I can help in any way. 

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