Success Road
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[Tweet "This is the #1 reason marriages fail. And it may not be what you think."]
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We have Matt McWilliams with us again. We look back on the Thank You Revolution, which we talked about in episode #002. Great things are happening there!

We also spend time talking about failure and how to use it to move forward.

Check out more show notes at

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This is the 50th episode celebration! Thanks to everyone that has made this possible - from the incredible guests to the fantastic subscribers! Go to for full shownotes

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Henry Matlock


Book: "The Bible Cure for Anxiety"

Book: "Daily Deposits for the Soul"

Book: "How to Create a Stunning eBook Cover"



What does "quality living" mean to you?



What is a failure that you've hard striving for a better quality of life?



What are some simple tools, tips, or ideas you use to help have a better quality of life?



What are some resources you would recommend?


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In this episode, I share just a couple things. The first thing is that I am guest posting this week on

Why It’s Time to Hurry Up and Slow Down

We have the tendency to hurry up and rush through everything in life.

I got my driver’s license on my 16th birthday. The examiner gave me a perfect score and called me a defensive driver. I had only been behind the wheel for a month, so I was probably more scared than defensive.

That title, however, was short lived. I got my first car shortly after that – just a little Hyundai Excel. It was not a racecar by far, but I pushed that little thing to the limit on my startups. I would see the light turn green and then floor it! I felt that there was no need wasting time getting up to the speed limit...

To read more, visit

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I always love hearing from you. I would especially love to hear your thoughts as we approach Episode #50 of the podcast. Not sure what to share? Here's some ideas:


  • How has this blog/podcast helped you?
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  • How can I better serve you?
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To leave me feedback, leave a comment below or go to the Feedback page.

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Dave Arnold is a return guest on the podcast this week. He was previously in episode #35, in which he talks about his book, "Pilgrims of the Alley."

COVER-Its-PossibleDave Arnold has written another book: "It's Possible: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive."

He shares the story of how he began the journey in his own life that led to this book, starting with a sermon he was preparing: "The Impossible Becoming Possible."

He refers to the story of Hugo Cabret, who was an orphaned boy that lived in a train station in Paris during the early 1930's. He became engaged in rebuilding a automaton. He deduces that the little mechanical man was just waiting to do what he's supposed to do - waiting for his purpose.

Dave also shares what he calls Destiny Deterrents - those things that try to stop us from fulfilling our destiny.

He has a great quote and lesson:

Well it's time to unlearn and relearn what we've learned.

This reminds me of a quote by Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back:

In closing, he shares a little bit about the Levels of Languishing - those things that cause us to lose vigor or strength.

If you purchase the book before February 23, 2014, you can get some free bonuses:

  • Pilgrims of the Alley
  • "Leadership Mandate" by Dan Black
  • Video

To get these bonuses, go to his website and follow the instructions.

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