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I asked people a while ago about something that helps them to have a better quality of life. Several people answered that reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and writing were some things that helped to improve their quality of life. I agree with this, so I'll share some things about blogging and podcasting.

Click to see some blogs and podcasts I follow (note: these are previous post, and some of these may have changed; but these are very good lists).

Benefits of blogging and/or podcasting:

  • You can train yourself to write regularly
  • You can start to be viewed as an expert in your field
  • You can start to create connections with people
  • These benefits can help your business
  • It can help you write a book

Benefits of reading blogs and listening to podcasts:

  • Connect with other bloggers/podcasters
  • Connect with their audience
  • Part of continuing education and growth

How to start blogging:

  • Pick a topic (or a couple of closely related topics) that you can write about consistently
  • Choose a name, title, and sub-title
  • Choose the right domain name
  • Setup either a account or install a self-hosted blog (see below for video and link to Michael Hyatt's tutorial)
  • Write!
  • Try to be consistent - people are creatures of habit
  • Include a picture with each post - be careful about copyrights (Flickrr and iStockPhoto are two options)

How to start podcasting:

  • Similar to starting a blog: topic, name/title, etc.
  • Consistency is important here as well
  • Strive for the best audio quality you can

Some basic equipment/software:

Sources of help with podcasting:

Do you have any thing to add to these benefits or steps?

See more from Michael Hyatt's tutorial

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Mark Sieverkropp and family
Mark Sieverkropp and family

This is part 2 of my discussion with Mark Sieverkropp. If you missed the first part, you can listen to it here. Mark Sieverkropp also joined me on episode 3 when we talked about purpose. You can find him on his websiteTwitterFacebook, and Linkedin.

Apps to use:

Here's the links mentioned in the show:

Question: What kind of exercise program do you use or plan to use?

RoadTrip 2013
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Two of my struggles: dieting and exercising. And we talk about both of these on this episode. This is actually going to be part 1 of 2 - the discussion went longer than planned, so we're splitting it up.

I'm joined by Mark Sieverkropp. He joined me on episode 3 when we talked about purpose. You can find him on his websiteTwitterFacebook, and Linkedin.

I also share a little about Dave Jackson's podcast "Logical Weight Loss." Check it out if you would like some more about weight loss.

Benefits of exercise (besides the obvious physical and health benefits):

  1. Focus better
  2. Clear thinking
  3. Self-confidence

Apps to use:

Here's the links mentioned in the show:

Questions: What struggles have you had with exercising?

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All the different social media networks that are out there can be complex. There's Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, and dozens of others. Is there a way to simplify it all?

That's where Erik J. Fisher steps in. He specializes in social media for a living. He holds a regular spot doing a social media segment on the Podcast Answer Man show. He also has his own podcast, Beyond the To Do List. You can also find Erik on Facebook and Twitter.

Here's some of the questions we cover:

  • How can social media improve your life? (how can it improve the quality, the simplicity, etc.)
  • What are some differences between the different social media options?
  • What is the best one to use or to start with?
  • With everything that is available, how can we simplify how we use social media?

Question: Do you have any tips about simplifying social media?

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